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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

"Grease", sL-Instagram, "Hangin' Around with SL", Bike Build &... "Matches & Bottles" lyrics! (+surprise!)

Jet, UK, 2014.

It's been a really long time, right girls & boys?!
You probably already know that for quite some time we are uploadin' & revampin' the old blog posts (since we moved to the G-blogger platform), but we felt it was about time for a new one! 

Ad really wanted to write this one, but since he's workin' with "Diathlasis" theatrical team for the classic musical "Grease", it's me Jet once again!

Yep, Ad is workin' with a wonderful team of people for the last couple of months, dealing with the artistic development of the cast & the music elements of the show. Harmonies, rhythm, vocals, arrangements, body postures & all the good things! Btw. our own Marina of the sL-Crew is part of the "Diathlasis" team also, acting & responsible for the majority of the new lyrics, which were written in Greek. So, yes! This is "Grease" in Greek for one-of-the-few-times ever in the history of the modern Greek theater & we are really excited! Interviews, rehearsals, production, shows... & Ad is as busy as he ever was! Our boy is always on the run!

Ad & "Diathlasis" theatrical team during "Grease" rehearsal.

Sharin' some feelings now, the way Rockers do! The premier was a really emotional experience. I mean seeing (& actually hearing) the outcome of your best buddy's & "partner in crime" hard work, while the whole thing was a center piece in the band's life for the last couple of months, makes you wonder if a brotherly hug & a few warm words from the heart are enough to express your feelings. But... we know how to sort this out! Just grab the guitars & write some good music! ;)

Pictures of "Grease" premier below!
For info about the show just visit
(Official Website will be available in the comin' days)


And.... we are live on Instagram!
So, if you are into photos & that kind of interaction you are welcome to join!
Just click on the link or pick up your smartphone and... you know the rest... ;)


Also there is the new section/playlist on the sL-Youtube Channel called "Hangin' Around with Sleazy Lizards". 

In fact we were thinkin' of the whole concept for quite some time. It started almost one & a half year ago, when me & Ad took a "break" & started travelin' & exploring various places with a camera in hand. You know traveling & experiencing the road was always a big part of our life, especially since me & Jim are lovers of the "Two-wheeled Iron Horses" & as we said already... Ad is always on the run!
So there will be longer & shorter videos over there to share some of these & other experiences with you.

Subscribe, Like, Comment, Share & as we say... In general do whatever you want! ;) Our interaction & your participation & support are very important to us!

Here's a little something in the spirit of the days!


On a side note... you know that me & Jim are (re)building & customizing a motorcycle for the last couple of months. We said a few things on the sL-Live Streams (sL-Channel again) & some of you saw some of ours & "Two Teeth" Johnny's photos on the various sL-Communities. 

[Taken by "Two Teeth" Johnny at the sL-Clubhouse]

Found the bike around December 2013 (the bike was left to rot for almost 6 years), bought it in April & then it was... "child's hour"! Payed a visit to Jim's beautiful house (garden & trees & cats & all - you met Lazarus - the Cat-dreaming-of-being-Bird) & stayed there... well... spring passed &... summer passed & ... autumn passed... &... HA HA HA HA! You get the idea! It was a really really long stay & we had the time of our lives! & while we had one bike in mind we end up working on two bikes! Almost like Heaven! HA HA HA HA! 

[No, it's not Lazarus. That's the Grey One!]

Anyway! There's is a ton of raw footage, photos etc. & we are playing with the idea of uploadin' the whole package somewhere. Will it be a Facebook Page or something else? We don't know yet. But if you wanna jump aboard let us know! It won't be a fancy thing... just two (& sometimes more) dirty Rockers wrenchin'. Lots of photos, no words, some vids. Btw. the bike is out on the road now and... we are "Runnin' down a Dream" ! ;)

[Taken during one of the first rides. It was... fine tuning the carbs time!]


Wow! Had a lot to say since the last blog-post on the first sL-Blog & that's not even the (tenth) half of it!
I remember things I forgot & forget things I had to remember! HA HA HA HA!

Well, to the point!
For quite some time now some of you, especially after the live shows or during private conversations, ask for the lyrics!
You want the whole thing written down on a paper. 
To read, to sing, to share, to ponder upon it!

Well your wish is granted!
There's a huge database here in The Vault, so we had to organize a few things first.

[ Not The Vault... but still... a pretty interesting database! ;) Taken recently during a visit to the O2 Arena, London, U.K. ]

This time is "Matches & Bottles", which is (usually) the show opener. A lyric (acoustic live) video is already uploaded on the sL-Channel (Youtube, Vimeo & Dailymotion), but here are also included the "Matches & Bottles" intro & outro lines for the first time. The complete lyrics are also available on various webpages by now (MetroLyrics, etc.)

So put on your favorite boots, check if the neighbors are sleeping & start readin' the words, while singin' accordin' to the groove!

..."Sir, I'm Innocent...
It's just the Way it is..."

- Jet

Band:  Sleazy Lizards
Track: Matches & Bottles 

(It feels so long ago 
& I don't know what to say... 
It's in the things you know 
& things you couldn't say 

It is something, somewhere 
It is something deep inside 
It is something, somewhere 
in the things you try to hide...)  

I know that something Wrong is goin' on 
I don't care if the world is upside Down 
Deep inside... I don't wanna really know 
if the World is burning to the ground... 

and I Feel like so many others do... 
like a cocktail... Ready to Explode 
Light me Up and throw me in the Air 
Down in Flames is the only way to go 

Just a Match and Loaded with Vodka 
Just a Match and Loaded with Gin 
Just a Match and Loaded with Whiskey 
Sir, I'm Innocent... 
It's just the Way it is... 

Someone to convince me Everything's Right 
Someone to convince me I got it all Wrong 
Words of Wisdom, Lies and Madness 
Mixed In together, 
in a Broken Burnin' Bottle 

I know that something very Wrong is on 
Gotta find a Way to get Us Out 
With matches, bottles and Alcohol 
you just give'em Reasons to put you Down 

What is Dangerous and No one Controls 
is What you got Inside your Mind 
Don't be Fooled 
and Change 'cause you're growin' Old 
After all, they're just... 
waitin' You to Die 

Just a Match and Loaded with Vodka 
Just a Match and Loaded with Gin 
Just a Match and Loaded with Whiskey 
Sir, I'm Innocent... 
It's just the Way it is... 

Someone to convince me Everything's Right 
Someone to convince me I got it all Wrong 
Words of Wisdom, Lies and Madness 
Mixed In together, 
in a Broken Burnin' Bottle 

(Holdin' the Truth 
in my bleedin' empty fist 
What can you do, 
when the problem is so deep... 

Pills & Lemon for (Tear) Gas 
& Money ain't enough 
I don't want no Bling Bling 
Just the Right to feel alright...) 

New "Matches & Bottles" video.


"Matches & Bottles" lyric video.


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Sleazy Lizards in the top places of MySpace Greece Charts for the third week in a row! (updated)

Hey guys & girls!
Very cool news once again!

For the third week in a row Sleazy Lizards made it in the top places of MySpace Greece Charts! 1st place with "RNR Kamikaze" once again!

Thanks a lot for all the support, Sleazards!
You totally rock!
Even though this post ain't long like the last one, the feelings are exactly the same!
By the way Ad & Serpent ain't got a clue at the moment! I wonder how will the dudes react this time ;) Let's hope that they won't drive me crazy like last time! HA HA HA !
(In case you don't know the events & the original dialog between me & Ad, just read the previous blog post at

Ladies & Gentleman,
let's put some freakin' Rock N' Roll on the map!



(These, especially for our non-Greek speakin' friends. The followin' ones are from Greek articles around the Web.)


Listen "RNR Kamikaze" at the following links

P.S. Be ready for a little surprise in the coming weeks. I mean, what the hell? We already said in our previous blog-post, words ain't enough to describe how you make us feel! So next time it will be more than words! Rock N' Roll!
Relaunching sL-Blog!
Post's original date 12/18/2010

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sleazy Lizards on the Top of MySpace Greece Charts! Rock N' Roll, dammit!

Hey guys & girls!

This is Jet. Don't know how to describe it, so here it goes. Last night I was surfing around the net & "fell" upon some links that were mentioning Sleazy Lizards. I thought, what is it all about? & clicked!


It seems that the Sleazards came 1st on MySpace Greece Charts for the week! I was like... WHAT THE HELL? You know it was late, so I had to look twice! & it was true!

We had no idea 'till that point. No notifications, not a message, nothing. Things were happenin' and we didn't have a clue! I'm pretty sure you understand my "condition" at the time, so I had to share that thing with the guys!

"& while Ad had a restless sleep last night, the sound of that message ringin' in his room, made the night even stranger. He stood up, read the message in a state of mind between sleeping & being awake, placed the mobile down & returned to bed."

This morning finally arrives. 
I woke up, turned the mobile on... no message! Powered up the PC, mail & Skype... no message! Checked the phone for missing calls... no... nothing! I thought... "he must be dead or something"... so I called him. Ad was totally relaxed, enjoying the feeling of a new day coming, while smokin' & drinkin his coffee.

I said "Hey man, what's up? Good morning."

& he was like "Good morning, man! You know, last night was a bit strange. I was rollin' on the bed & didn't sleep well. &... did you send me a message, man? 'cause I remember waking up & checkin' on the phone, but it feels like a blur right now".

Ok! Ad's got the "shotgun blues" from time to time, but that was... can't find the right words right now, but anyway that's one of the many reasons Ad is such a cool dude among other things.


Sleazards, thank you so much!
You are the ones who made this possible.
[ You are a bunch of crazy motherfuckers, you know that, right? :) ]
[ & we love it ]

Ladies & Gentlemen, you brought some mean, lean & dirty Rock N' Roll on the top of MySpace Greece Charts & for that we thank you much much more than words can say!

Listen "RNR Kamikaze" at the following links

Check the pics 'cause in time the links may become inactive. ;)

(This one especially for our non-Greek speakin' friends. The followin' ones are from Greek articles around the Web. But you'll get the idea!)

Relaunching sL-Blog!
Post's original date 12/01/2010

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Sleazy Lizards on "Heavy Metal Alliance" ! Pay a visit !

A big thank you to Mr. Kenny Barnwell & the whole "Heavy Metal Alliance" Community on Facebook for the support & the positive feedback! Metal is going strong over there, so if you're lookin' for a cool place with cool people & the music you love, this is one for sure!

Visit "Heavy Metal Alliance" at :
& btw. "HMA" features "Soundtrack" ! So... enjoy!

R N' R greets from the Sleazards.
Relaunching sL-Blog!
Post's original date 11/23/2010

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Talkin' to the Sleazards (YOU are the Sleazards).

Sleazy Lizards calling world from the Underground Vault / Sound Factory Studios!

Hope you had a cool & wet week! ;)

Alright! First of all a big thanks to all of you! The way you respond & the way traffic goes in our online sL-communities is something that makes us smile every single day! Thank you so much! You fuckin' rock! Maybe is a common thing for others, but we can't ignore it & act as if there's nothing going on. After all, it's a sign that we somehow touch your souls with our music & efforts & we feel thankful & blessed for that.

Thanks to all our American friends (North & South). 
(On Jet's words "Never thought I could be so far from home & yet so close. Even though bro is still holdin' things together.")

Thanks to all  the Asian friends [ you are absolutely crazy :) ] !

Thanks to all European friends. Especially the crazy northern dudes & gals [ you know who you are ;) ] & those at Portugal & Spain (thumbs up!). Of course the whole central-&-eastern-Europe Sleazards (keep it alive, there's only one way to Rock N' Roll & it goes through the heart) & the islanders (big smile).
A very big thanks to the Greek Sleazards!
We know you love good music, even though the mainstream over there sucks (you know what we mean). Keep your head high & your ears open & the music will find its way :) Thank you!

Thanks to all friends from the land down under! Talkin' bout you mates from the Land of Oz! Rock N' Roll, babes!

& Of Course thanks to all the African friends. You took us by surprise & put big smiles on our faces! You are really appreciated!

Now... one more thing! Here are the Sleazy Lizards, this is Rock N' Roll, you are the Sleazards, SO DON'T BE SHY!!! We want your feedback & we want you to feel comfortable with the band. We want you to act crazy & wild just like the crazy motherfuckers you are. We want you to dance & basically we want you to feel FREE. In simple words we want you to ROCK!

So if you like something "Like" it. 
If you wanna comment on something "Comment". 
If you wanna scream, "Scream" (lol, but we really mean it!).

Those who experienced the Sleazy Lizards Live know that Jet is askin' for three things & it goes like that:

"Since this one is A Rock N' Roll show, 
I want you to move (#1) .... & I want you to dance (#2) ... & I want you to rock (#3).
Are you ready? Are you ready to rock? Are YOU ready to rock? ... Alright ... Here we go!"

& now a little SURPRISE! 'Cause of a cool new friend (thanks Thanos!) we've got a video from the last sL-live & it's on our Youtube channel in the section "Sleazy Lizards' Vault (Visual & Acoustic dreams...)". The song is "Rock Ballet" & you can get a taste. & don't forget the Official Clip of "Soundtrack" ! There's a whole story behind this one, but this conversation belongs to the future.

Click on the link for all of the above & don't hesitate to hit that "Subscribe" button! ... sL-Channel on Youtube 

Rock N' Roll!
Relaunching sL-Blog!
Post's original date 10/29/2010

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Saturday Night Live at Athens, Greece feedback!

Wow! What a crazy weekend, the last one was! Just found some time to sit back & relax. 

We would like to thank all of you, who were at the Saturday Night Live at Kaisariani! 
We had a great time & hope you had a cool time too. 
Thanks for all the positive comments & for being so cool, crazy & supportive! Thank you very much! 

Glad for all the new friends we made & for all those, who paid a visit at the "Sleazy Bar"-Stand to chat with us, to take photos or just to enjoy some alcohol. ;)

Material from the event will be uploaded in the coming days, so stay tuned!

Regarding the weather situation on Sunday, it was beyond our power to do something. A big thank you to all those who came, no matter what! You're so fuckin' cool & crazy & that's how we like it. 
The sL-Crew will be on the road soon, so we'll see you there!

Rock N' Roll, crazy babes! [ & keep on dancing ;) ]
Submitted by the Sleazards.

P.S. Running around the stage like madmen, to protect amps, guitars, drum kits, etc, while this "waterfall"s comin' down, is a moment to "cherish" anyway! ;) HA HA HA HA!
Relaunching sL-Blog!
Post's original date 10/20/2010

Sunday, February 2, 2014

"We, the Sleazards" Chapter I: Life through Music.

Hey dudes & gals,
                       this is Jet once again. The night is cold, I'm sitting alone at home, while music is keeping company. Tunes from Eddie Vedder's "Into The Wild" are filling the room & I'm just thinkin'...

Thinkin' bout the the part music played in our lives. Thinkin' of me as a young boy, sitting alone in my room for hours doin' school's homework. All I had was a small cassette player, my best pal in these long hours. Mind was divided in two. Ears on the sounds, eyes on the books. But Mrs. Dusty Springfield, Mrs. Dionne Warwick, Jagger & Evans, Paul Anka & Neil Sedaka were there alive right in front of me. They were callin' me to travel on their own roads. And... I was listening on them... & many others... 

& then it was Iron Maiden & me singing outloud the solo's notes ("how sweet the sound of an electric guitar was").

& I was traveling deeper as the years went by.

Remember days starting with Six Feet Under tunes & ending with Kreator sounds. Remember parties where Michael Jackson & Roxette were allover. Remember slow dancin' with girls while Scorpions & White Lion were on the radio. & then... I was heartbroken. Just a rookie in what this life really is. I was searchin' for comfort & salvation & the Blues came in. The Blues along with Paradise Lost & Skid Row. Strange how different shades of music, can fill the same hole in a soul.

Long were the roads we were rolling upon & we were wishing for them to be longer. Ad (pronounced A.d.) was on the wheel & me on the side. Destination unknown... as long as there was music & good company. Iced Earth, Metallica, Bon Jovi & then some Tom Petty & the Rolling Stones. If it was Friday, then it was Danger Danger's "Everybody Wants Some" time, while Guns N' Roses & Queen were playing the whole week.

& the summer was here.
Serp. was back from London carrying all the new "trends". Korn, Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson & a whole world of new sounds. We were laughin' like the kids we were & playing the Dj. Warm nights at the beach, dressed with trippin' sounds, were filling our minds & hearts with dreams. I wonder if these summers could last forever...

But autumn was here & Serp. had to fly back. Hugs & smiles & some hidden tears & once again, music right there to fill our troubled souls.

So much music, so many moments.

Many the things I want to share, but I realize once more how "little" words are. How to describe a life through music, when music was already there & will be here after this life.

Tears & Fears, Love & Anger, Smiles & Memories & insignificant details all were painted with music. Nothing has changed & we're still smilin' like the kids we are. Music makes us smile & go on. Just turn on the radio &... you'll see. See? You're smiling too.


(thanks for keepin' company, Eddie)


Relaunching sL-Blog!
Post's original date 10/3/2010

Monday, January 27, 2014

Let us know each other the way friends do. Introducing "We, the Sleazards".

Hey guys & girls,
                      this is Jet. As some of you may have already noticed, there is some activity going on on our page, while we are trying to set things right. You might have also seen, that there ain't a bio over there & that would be a proper thing to do. But, we would like to take a different route. 

Instead of putting down some soulless info about what was going on back in the day & how cool & great we are (laughing out loud), we decided on a more personal approach. In the coming months there will be a series of articles based on our life, our thoughts, our stories & personal interests, that will help you know us better & come to your own conclusions. The main title will be "We, the Sleazards", so keep this in mind!

They say that what matters in life is the journey & not the destination. 
We don't know where we'll end up, but we will make sure that this journey will be a beautiful one for you & for us. Thanks a lot for reading...
Jet Papas 
on behalf of Sleazy Lizards 
Relaunching sL-Blog!
Post's original date 9/18/2010