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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Sleazy Lizards in the top places of MySpace Greece Charts for the third week in a row! (updated)

Hey guys & girls!
Very cool news once again!

For the third week in a row Sleazy Lizards made it in the top places of MySpace Greece Charts! 1st place with "RNR Kamikaze" once again!

Thanks a lot for all the support, Sleazards!
You totally rock!
Even though this post ain't long like the last one, the feelings are exactly the same!
By the way Ad & Serpent ain't got a clue at the moment! I wonder how will the dudes react this time ;) Let's hope that they won't drive me crazy like last time! HA HA HA !
(In case you don't know the events & the original dialog between me & Ad, just read the previous blog post at

Ladies & Gentleman,
let's put some freakin' Rock N' Roll on the map!



(These, especially for our non-Greek speakin' friends. The followin' ones are from Greek articles around the Web.)


Listen "RNR Kamikaze" at the following links

P.S. Be ready for a little surprise in the coming weeks. I mean, what the hell? We already said in our previous blog-post, words ain't enough to describe how you make us feel! So next time it will be more than words! Rock N' Roll!
Relaunching sL-Blog!
Post's original date 12/18/2010