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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Talkin' to the Sleazards (YOU are the Sleazards).

Sleazy Lizards calling world from the Underground Vault / Sound Factory Studios!

Hope you had a cool & wet week! ;)

Alright! First of all a big thanks to all of you! The way you respond & the way traffic goes in our online sL-communities is something that makes us smile every single day! Thank you so much! You fuckin' rock! Maybe is a common thing for others, but we can't ignore it & act as if there's nothing going on. After all, it's a sign that we somehow touch your souls with our music & efforts & we feel thankful & blessed for that.

Thanks to all our American friends (North & South). 
(On Jet's words "Never thought I could be so far from home & yet so close. Even though bro is still holdin' things together.")

Thanks to all  the Asian friends [ you are absolutely crazy :) ] !

Thanks to all European friends. Especially the crazy northern dudes & gals [ you know who you are ;) ] & those at Portugal & Spain (thumbs up!). Of course the whole central-&-eastern-Europe Sleazards (keep it alive, there's only one way to Rock N' Roll & it goes through the heart) & the islanders (big smile).
A very big thanks to the Greek Sleazards!
We know you love good music, even though the mainstream over there sucks (you know what we mean). Keep your head high & your ears open & the music will find its way :) Thank you!

Thanks to all friends from the land down under! Talkin' bout you mates from the Land of Oz! Rock N' Roll, babes!

& Of Course thanks to all the African friends. You took us by surprise & put big smiles on our faces! You are really appreciated!

Now... one more thing! Here are the Sleazy Lizards, this is Rock N' Roll, you are the Sleazards, SO DON'T BE SHY!!! We want your feedback & we want you to feel comfortable with the band. We want you to act crazy & wild just like the crazy motherfuckers you are. We want you to dance & basically we want you to feel FREE. In simple words we want you to ROCK!

So if you like something "Like" it. 
If you wanna comment on something "Comment". 
If you wanna scream, "Scream" (lol, but we really mean it!).

Those who experienced the Sleazy Lizards Live know that Jet is askin' for three things & it goes like that:

"Since this one is A Rock N' Roll show, 
I want you to move (#1) .... & I want you to dance (#2) ... & I want you to rock (#3).
Are you ready? Are you ready to rock? Are YOU ready to rock? ... Alright ... Here we go!"

& now a little SURPRISE! 'Cause of a cool new friend (thanks Thanos!) we've got a video from the last sL-live & it's on our Youtube channel in the section "Sleazy Lizards' Vault (Visual & Acoustic dreams...)". The song is "Rock Ballet" & you can get a taste. & don't forget the Official Clip of "Soundtrack" ! There's a whole story behind this one, but this conversation belongs to the future.

Click on the link for all of the above & don't hesitate to hit that "Subscribe" button! ... sL-Channel on Youtube 

Rock N' Roll!
Relaunching sL-Blog!
Post's original date 10/29/2010

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Saturday Night Live at Athens, Greece feedback!

Wow! What a crazy weekend, the last one was! Just found some time to sit back & relax. 

We would like to thank all of you, who were at the Saturday Night Live at Kaisariani! 
We had a great time & hope you had a cool time too. 
Thanks for all the positive comments & for being so cool, crazy & supportive! Thank you very much! 

Glad for all the new friends we made & for all those, who paid a visit at the "Sleazy Bar"-Stand to chat with us, to take photos or just to enjoy some alcohol. ;)

Material from the event will be uploaded in the coming days, so stay tuned!

Regarding the weather situation on Sunday, it was beyond our power to do something. A big thank you to all those who came, no matter what! You're so fuckin' cool & crazy & that's how we like it. 
The sL-Crew will be on the road soon, so we'll see you there!

Rock N' Roll, crazy babes! [ & keep on dancing ;) ]
Submitted by the Sleazards.

P.S. Running around the stage like madmen, to protect amps, guitars, drum kits, etc, while this "waterfall"s comin' down, is a moment to "cherish" anyway! ;) HA HA HA HA!
Relaunching sL-Blog!
Post's original date 10/20/2010