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Monday, January 27, 2014

Let us know each other the way friends do. Introducing "We, the Sleazards".

Hey guys & girls,
                      this is Jet. As some of you may have already noticed, there is some activity going on on our page, while we are trying to set things right. You might have also seen, that there ain't a bio over there & that would be a proper thing to do. But, we would like to take a different route. 

Instead of putting down some soulless info about what was going on back in the day & how cool & great we are (laughing out loud), we decided on a more personal approach. In the coming months there will be a series of articles based on our life, our thoughts, our stories & personal interests, that will help you know us better & come to your own conclusions. The main title will be "We, the Sleazards", so keep this in mind!

They say that what matters in life is the journey & not the destination. 
We don't know where we'll end up, but we will make sure that this journey will be a beautiful one for you & for us. Thanks a lot for reading...
Jet Papas 
on behalf of Sleazy Lizards 
Relaunching sL-Blog!
Post's original date 9/18/2010