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Sunday, February 2, 2014

"We, the Sleazards" Chapter I: Life through Music.

Hey dudes & gals,
                       this is Jet once again. The night is cold, I'm sitting alone at home, while music is keeping company. Tunes from Eddie Vedder's "Into The Wild" are filling the room & I'm just thinkin'...

Thinkin' bout the the part music played in our lives. Thinkin' of me as a young boy, sitting alone in my room for hours doin' school's homework. All I had was a small cassette player, my best pal in these long hours. Mind was divided in two. Ears on the sounds, eyes on the books. But Mrs. Dusty Springfield, Mrs. Dionne Warwick, Jagger & Evans, Paul Anka & Neil Sedaka were there alive right in front of me. They were callin' me to travel on their own roads. And... I was listening on them... & many others... 

& then it was Iron Maiden & me singing outloud the solo's notes ("how sweet the sound of an electric guitar was").

& I was traveling deeper as the years went by.

Remember days starting with Six Feet Under tunes & ending with Kreator sounds. Remember parties where Michael Jackson & Roxette were allover. Remember slow dancin' with girls while Scorpions & White Lion were on the radio. & then... I was heartbroken. Just a rookie in what this life really is. I was searchin' for comfort & salvation & the Blues came in. The Blues along with Paradise Lost & Skid Row. Strange how different shades of music, can fill the same hole in a soul.

Long were the roads we were rolling upon & we were wishing for them to be longer. Ad (pronounced A.d.) was on the wheel & me on the side. Destination unknown... as long as there was music & good company. Iced Earth, Metallica, Bon Jovi & then some Tom Petty & the Rolling Stones. If it was Friday, then it was Danger Danger's "Everybody Wants Some" time, while Guns N' Roses & Queen were playing the whole week.

& the summer was here.
Serp. was back from London carrying all the new "trends". Korn, Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson & a whole world of new sounds. We were laughin' like the kids we were & playing the Dj. Warm nights at the beach, dressed with trippin' sounds, were filling our minds & hearts with dreams. I wonder if these summers could last forever...

But autumn was here & Serp. had to fly back. Hugs & smiles & some hidden tears & once again, music right there to fill our troubled souls.

So much music, so many moments.

Many the things I want to share, but I realize once more how "little" words are. How to describe a life through music, when music was already there & will be here after this life.

Tears & Fears, Love & Anger, Smiles & Memories & insignificant details all were painted with music. Nothing has changed & we're still smilin' like the kids we are. Music makes us smile & go on. Just turn on the radio &... you'll see. See? You're smiling too.


(thanks for keepin' company, Eddie)


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Post's original date 10/3/2010