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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sleazy Lizards on the Top of MySpace Greece Charts! Rock N' Roll, dammit!

Hey guys & girls!

This is Jet. Don't know how to describe it, so here it goes. Last night I was surfing around the net & "fell" upon some links that were mentioning Sleazy Lizards. I thought, what is it all about? & clicked!


It seems that the Sleazards came 1st on MySpace Greece Charts for the week! I was like... WHAT THE HELL? You know it was late, so I had to look twice! & it was true!

We had no idea 'till that point. No notifications, not a message, nothing. Things were happenin' and we didn't have a clue! I'm pretty sure you understand my "condition" at the time, so I had to share that thing with the guys!

"& while Ad had a restless sleep last night, the sound of that message ringin' in his room, made the night even stranger. He stood up, read the message in a state of mind between sleeping & being awake, placed the mobile down & returned to bed."

This morning finally arrives. 
I woke up, turned the mobile on... no message! Powered up the PC, mail & Skype... no message! Checked the phone for missing calls... no... nothing! I thought... "he must be dead or something"... so I called him. Ad was totally relaxed, enjoying the feeling of a new day coming, while smokin' & drinkin his coffee.

I said "Hey man, what's up? Good morning."

& he was like "Good morning, man! You know, last night was a bit strange. I was rollin' on the bed & didn't sleep well. &... did you send me a message, man? 'cause I remember waking up & checkin' on the phone, but it feels like a blur right now".

Ok! Ad's got the "shotgun blues" from time to time, but that was... can't find the right words right now, but anyway that's one of the many reasons Ad is such a cool dude among other things.


Sleazards, thank you so much!
You are the ones who made this possible.
[ You are a bunch of crazy motherfuckers, you know that, right? :) ]
[ & we love it ]

Ladies & Gentlemen, you brought some mean, lean & dirty Rock N' Roll on the top of MySpace Greece Charts & for that we thank you much much more than words can say!

Listen "RNR Kamikaze" at the following links

Check the pics 'cause in time the links may become inactive. ;)

(This one especially for our non-Greek speakin' friends. The followin' ones are from Greek articles around the Web. But you'll get the idea!)

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Post's original date 12/01/2010