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Saturday, June 13, 2015

"Series Red" v.1 has arrived! (+Lyrics & Extras!)

Two months of voting for SR's order of upload!
Finally... "Series Red" v.1 has arrived!

Your Top choice among the five red Elements?
The "Winter Roads Lady"! 

Strong feelings in this one bound to our souls 'till the end of time...

In-The-Studio photo from the sL-Archive!
Working for the first time on "You Came with The Winter". Jet & Jim feeling the mood, while Ad gets lost in a sea of his & our emotions. Some days are meant to last forever...

A huge & warm "Thank You" to each & everyone of you for offering your input & being a decisive part of "Series Red" project! Your Voice is loud & clear! & we simply... let the music do the talkin'!

Ladies & gentlemen, this is "Series Red" v.1!

Band: Sleazy Lizards
Music Track: Uncharted Roads (You Came with The Winter)
Project: "Series Red"
Live Concerts: Under The Radar Acoustics
Event: Prêt-à-porter Spring
Underground Vault / Sound Factory Studios


&... as promised "Uncharted Roads (You Came with The Winter)" lyrics available here in the sL-Blog, at Metrolyrics & various lyric sites!

Jet singin' the words...
[Photo by the one & only "Two Teeth" Johnny]


Band:  Sleazy Lizards
Track: Uncharted Roads (You Came with The Winter)

Two roads to nowhere 
and one leads to you 
I'm missing, oh baby, the things that you do

I hope, on the moments 
we painted on time 
that you keep on smilin' and I'm still alive

And it's long gone... 
long the road, I know... 
Yeah i'ts long gone the road to home 

You came with the winter and gone with the spring 
I wish you could feel how I'm deep beneath 

And it's flowers and all in my locked-in-heart dreams 
You couldn't escape from yourself 
So you had to leave 
You had to leave, mmm... 

I catch myself lookin' 
back to those times 
when I was a young boy and you always smiled

But it feels like... 
the years put a mark on our souls 
But I can't forget you 'cause I can't grow old 

I still love you 
like the child you used to know 
Could I hold you 
through the desert, the ice & the snow 
I still love you 
like a prayer addressed to the God 
Could I hold you 
like the days you were in my heart 
You were in my heart 
Back on those special days... 

The road is long and I hold on 
The road is long, long gone 
The road is long and I hold... hold on 
The road is long and I'm far... 
yeah I'm far... away from home 

Can you save me, babe 

Through unknown roads I walked to you 
A thousand miles beneath my boots 
To find a place where you & I 
Never said... never said goodbye 

A thousand miles I walked to you 
A thousand miles beneath my boots 
To find a place where you & I 
Never said... never said... 
Never said... never said goodbye... 


Each ‪song‬ has an ‪‎artwork‬...
Each artwork has a ‪‎hashtag‬...

Four red Elements...
#Lips / #Dot / #Falling #Stars / #Redhair Pinup

Which one will be the next one?!
Keep voting for "Series Red" order of upload!
This is not a Sprint! It's a Marathon!

More info in sL-Blog post "‪Design‬ the ‪‎Future‬ / Vote for "Series Red"! (constantly updated)" at!

Pay a visit &... Jump aboard "Series Red" ! 


Follow Jim & Ad during "Guitar Day" or jump straight to 5:28 and... is Jet really losing it?!  HA HA HA HA!


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